Make your online meetings multilingual

neue Medien_sq

It’s Skype and Tweets all over the place, we meet and chat online, and in times of Covid-19, everybody is zooming everbody. And all this can also be done in more than one language!


Online interpreting (web conferences)

Be it liaison or consecutive interpreting of business talks over Skype or Microsoft Teams, or “the real thing”, i.e. Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (#RSI) via Internet from an interpreting hub or completely virtual using platforms like Zoom, Voiceboxer, Kudo or others: I will be happy to help in finding your perfect solutions, taking into account the pros and cons of the different options available.


Simultaneous translation (Skype, Twitter)

Obviously not as fast as real-time, but someone whose head is highly trained in simultaneous interpreting and whose hands are highly trained in touch-typing can accompany your live chat almost as fast as with simultaneous interpreting. It might not be ready-for-publication, but it will certainly be ready-for-chat!


Localisation of specialist videos

Videos on the Internet are increasingly identified by their specific technical content: company presentations, image films, product videos, training etc. As conference interpreters and professional/technical translators, we know how to render your technical content, which makes us particularly well qualified to translate subtitles or audio scripts for voice-over.