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Everybody Skypes and tweets, we meet and chat online, we send content and products around the globe by video. And we do it in every language under the sun!

In line with the motto “New media – new multilingualism”, I can offer translation and interpreting services to accompany your web conference, your online chat or your online video campaign:

Simultaneous translation (Skype, Twitter)

Obviously not as fast as real-time, but someone whose head is highly trained in simultaneous interpreting and whose hands are highly trained in touch-typing can accompany your live chat almost as fast as with simultaneous interpreting. It might not be ready-for-publication, but it will certainly be ready-for-chat!

Online interpreting (web conferences)

I am already an enthusiastic organiser of online conferences for my own webinars. Being able to see a (postage stamp-sized) picture of all the other participants, share the screen and talk to each other all at the same time is something that all participants so far have enjoyed. Another bonus is that it saves a huge amount of time and money.

If you have interpreting alongside, then certain rules are vital to prevent things from descending into chaos. It’s a bit like the first time you ride a bike: you just have to learn how to do it. If it’s not a subject you know very much about, then have a quick look at my webinar site! Or you can consult me about any technical or software issue.

Note: you might also think that it would be possible for web conferences to have simultaneous interpretation as well. However, it’s very rare that you can get the extremely high sound quality you need for simultaneous interpreting over the telephone or using VoIP. This means that (so far), consecutive or liaison interpreting is the solution of choice for a “normal” online meeting environment.

Localisation of specialist videos

Videos on the Internet are increasingly identified by their specific technical content: company presentations, image films, product videos, training etc. As conference interpreters and professional/technical translators, we know how to render your technical content, which makes us particularly well qualified to translate subtitles or audio scripts for voice-over.