Interpreting – The art of understanding

Specialist knowledge Conference interpreters at familiarise themselves with your particular area of expertise via intensive preparation, learning to understand it through background research and specialist terminology.
Communication As neutral mediators, interpreters help to identify and eliminate misunderstandings. This leads to effortless interchange between the languages.
Culture Interpreters feel at home in different cultures. They mediate in a multinational environment.
Professionalism In discussions between experts, interpreters ensure fluid and precise understanding, remaining almost unnoticed in the process. Neutrality, reliability and confidentiality are an integral part of their philosophy.
Language Speaking correctly and always with style is their metier, spontaneous language at the highest level their profession, providing understanding their vocation.
System Specialist knowledge and main terms are documented – benefiting both you and the interpreting team.
Technique Qualified conference interpreters are well equipped for any situation as they have mastered all interpreting techniques. You can depend on their trained memories and their powers of logical synthesis.