Dr. Anja Rütten

Conference Interpreter for German, Spanish, English and French
Member of AIIC, VKD-BDÜ e.V., BDÜ NRW e.V.

EU accredited since 2004

Lecturer at the Technische Hochschule Köln since 2004


3rd VisionPlus Prize for Female Entrepreneurs 2010
of the founders’ region of Aachen (“Gründerregion Aachen”)

University Studies
Studies at Saarland University with a degree as Diplom-Dolmetscherin (1993-1999).
Dissertation on “Computer Programmes for Interpreters” (May 2000).
PhD in “Information and Knowledge Management in Conference Interpreting” (December 2006).

Apart from the studies in my first foreign language Spanish, my second foreign language French as well as voluntary lectures in English, my subsidiary subject economics and focus on terminology played an important role during my university training.

Practical Training Periods abroad

In a travel agency in Monterrey, Mexico (5 months), in the Foreign Language Service of the Eurocorps in Strasbourg, France (6 weeks) as well as in the Trade Fair Department of the German Chamber of Industry & Commerce in Brussels (3 months). Other shorter stays abroad (language course in Spain, work camp in Mexico, stays in host families etc.) round off my experience.

Professional career

Anja Rütten CV

Immediately after my university studies I was permanently employed in the commercial area. I worked as a team assistant in the Ford Program Office of the software company SDRC GmbH (today Unigraphics Solutions) and I was responsible for office and team organisation as well as for drafting and implementing the project report system. This practical experience in my career as well as working in an English-speaking company have contributed greatly to enhancing my professional qualifications. Armed with this sound experience, early in 2001 I decided to leave my job in favour of becoming a freelance conference interpreter.

Apart from my mother tongue German, my working languages are in particular Spanish as active foreign language as well as English and French as passive foreign languages. I translate and interpret simultaneously and consecutively from and into Spanish as well as from English and French into German.

I work in many areas and with many customers, including SMEs and large companies as well as associations and professional organisations. In the political arena, I interpret at European, national and regional levels (EU institutions, German Federal Ministries, parliament and ministries of North Rhine-Westphalia).
Apart from politics, I work with a wide range of technical and economic subject areas, including military, agriculture, statistics, construction, automotive, banking, marketing, CAD/CAM and many others. As I am fond of numbers and I am frequently involved in bilateral contacts where balance sheets etc. are discussed, in 2010 I attended an individual seminar on accounting/IFRS and Supervisory Boards’ activities.
My particular strengths also include Internet, data bases and software development,
which is why I developed my own web-statistics tool for translators and interpreters, Termprofile.com, in 2007, and started my own blog in 2013 about information and knowledge management, terminology and software for interpreters.